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 Singapore National Freestyle Championship 2008 Results

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PostSubject: Singapore National Freestyle Championship 2008 Results   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:09 pm

Womens Slide Category

1st-Rachel Yeo IC
2nd-Kwek Zi Yi-MTS
3rd-Rebecca Chew-MTS
4th-Felicia Ong Yu Ting-MTS
5th-Katrina Law Chee-IC
6th-Jeslyn Lee Feng TingIC
7th-Lynn Fu Xuan Lin-IC

Mens Slide Category

1st-Ernest Wong Jia Wei-MTS
2nd-Jireh Goh En Ci-MTS
3rd-Lucas Ng Jun JieIC
4th-Nigel Chen Jia Jun-MTS
5th-Chan Ting Fei-IC
6th-Ace Tan Chien Hock-Zenearth
7th-Lim Zhan Yu Zac-IC
8th-Terence Cheung-MTS
9th-Tan Zhi Zhong-MTS
10th-Rohi Goh En Mu-MTS
11th-Thong Yew Thai-IC
12thTing Shaw
13thJ Xander Roslan-Zenearth
14th-Wilson Wong Jin Hao-IC
15th-Andy Goh Wei Lee
16th-Matthew Toke Hong Sheng-IC
17th-Matthew Chew Jun Rong-MTS
18thChristopher Peter-Zenearth
19th-Nicholas Zheng Hong-IC
20th-Charles Lau Chee Chau-SkateEmpire
21th-Tan Zhi Quan Kae-Zenearth
22nd-Braden Foo Chang Wei-MTS
23rd-Ryan Chua-MTS
24th-Goh Wei Lun Alan-IC
25th-Deslon Leo Yan Zhi
26th-Jerome Hor Beng Hung
27th-Gabriel Lim Wei Quan-Zenearth
28th-Lee Wei Long-MTS
29th-Tai Wei Jing-SkateEmpire
30th-Chen Ke Yu-SkateEmpire
31th-Tan Krinze-SkateEmpire
32th-Brent Foong-IC
33th-Leon Neol Ting-IC
34th-Tan Joon Jek
35th-Jorden Lei Yi-IC
36th-Benjamin Tan Fu Kang
37th-Goh Kee Hsien
38th-Tian Jiang Hao
39th-Kwoh Joe
40th-Aloyius Ng Boon Kiat-SkateEmpire
41th-Brace Fok Yi Han
42th-Law Zhon Hua Victor-Zenearth

Womens Classic Slalom Category

1st-Lee Chew Lian-MTS
2nd-Tay Su Wen-Zenearth
3rd-Kwek Zi Yi-MTS

Mens Classic Slalom Category

1st-Cheung Clarence-MTS
2nd-Cheung Terence-MTS
3rd-Jon Bae Siong Kiat-IC
4th-Ng Ping Hwee-MTS
5th-Jerome Hor
6th-Ben Teo Chang Meng-Zenearth
7th-Carlson Owyong-MTS
8th-Ang Jia Yi-Zenearth
9th-Eng Siong Hao
10th-Bryan James Leung Hong-Zenearth
11th-Rohi Goh En Mu-MTS
12th-Lim Jin Han-Zenearth
13th-Shondy Ang Bok Sen
14th-Gaston Gan Zi Xun-MTS
15th-Tung Chi Jun-MTS
16th-Andy Ng Hock Soon
17th-Tai Wei Jing-SkateEmpire

Womens Speed Slalom Category

1st - Kwek Zi Yi ( 6.22 ) - MTS
2nd- Rebecca Chew ( 7.20 ) - MTS
3rd- Lee Chew Lian (7.86 ) -MTS
4th- Felicia Ong ( 7.92 ) -MTS

Mens Speed Slalom Category

1st Cheung Clarence (5.15) -MTS
2nd-Cheung Terence (5.41) -MTS
3rd-Jerome Hor(5.54)
4th-Carlson Owyong(5.29) -MTS
5th-Nigel Chen(5.77)MTS
6th-Jireh Goh(6.12) -MTS
7th-Lucas Ng(6.25) -IC
8th-Braden Foo(6.39) -MTS
9th-Luke Ng(7.14)
10th-Ng Hock Soon Andy(7.23)
11th-Lee Wei Long(7.29) -MTS
12th- Ace Tan(7.4) -Zenearth
13th-Ang Jia Yi(7.46) -Zenearth
14th-Bryan James Leung(7.4) -Zenearth
15th-Kae Tan(7.63) -Zenearth
16th-Chen KeYu(7.Cool -SkateEmpire
17th-Kelvin Goh Yi Kun(8.05)
19th-Shondy Ang(8.52)
20th-Ong Chin Shen(9.25)
21th-Aloysius Ng -SkateEmpire
22nd-Tai Wei Jing -SkateEmpire
23rd-Teo Chang Meng Ben -Zenearth
24th-Gaston Gan -MTS
25th-Tung Chi Jun -MTS
26th-Kelvin Tiah -Zenearth
27th-J Xander Roslan -Zenearth

Krinze Tan aka IceBerG
( SKAT王MPIRE Freestyle Dept. )
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Singapore National Freestyle Championship 2008 Results
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